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When television cannot meet our needs and standard or when its quality is not what everyone expects, we would all think about changing the television model. However, another option for enhancing the content quality that does not require much investment is buying a TV and audio accessories. Nowadays, these are one of the essential devices for television watching. It also plays a vital role in connecting devices to a TV. Recently, TV became less popular as we can watch a wide variety of media through computers. Still, as TVs are now smarter and have better quality, it regains its popularity. There is now a wide range of TV and audio accessories available.

Digital TV Set-top Box and Android TV for a sharp image and clear sound with high-end digital media  

Even though the government issued a policy that everyone gets a free set-top box, you can gain more channels by buying your own. There are a lot of exceptional brands such as Aconatic, GMMz, Nano, and Vision. You can select the most suitable one by comparing the specification of each model in their websites. In the local market, manufacturers of several brands are now launching different types of set-top box. These include a basic set-top box that only receives and converts signal and displays image and sound onto the screen. It is widely available in the market, extremely popular, cheap, and meets the basic usage of most people. Another type is a media player set-top box with the additional ability to play multimedia files, such as audio files, images files, and video files through a USB port. The principle of a media player set-top box is similar to the HD player, but it can also receive a digital TV signal. This type of set-top box is a little more expensive than a basic set-top box. The last model of a set-top box is a hybrid type, which means it can receive both a digital TV signal (DVB-T2) and a satellite signal (DVB-S2). This model is the best set-top box available, which meets most of the users' need. As most households do not want to dismiss the satellite TV service already in use, the hybrid model that can work with both digital TV and satellite systems with the additional ability to play multimedia files is thus their best answer. Indeed, the higher the capacity, the higher the price. Still, it is worth paying for such innovative features.  

TV cable, a connecting point for your convenience  

It is necessary to use a high-quality TV cable, which is durable and long-lasting with a suitable warranty period. There are many factors you should consider to achieve the optimal performance of a TV cable including Ohm resistance, cable length, cable type, and cable sheath. All of these factors must meet the environment condition where the installation and wiring are going to take place. There are a wide variety of brands to choose from, but it is not necessary to only select a famous one. Nowadays, the manufacturing process of TV cables is more standardized. As these extension cables are not expensive, when they expire, you can easily purchase a new one.  

Microphone, an option of the sound amplifier

The fundamental component is a diaphragm, which requires electrical power to make it vibrate. It is an AC power with very a small potential. It must be sent to the amplifier to magnify the signal. The models can be classified based on their materials, such as carbon, crystal, and ceramic. It can also be categorized based on the sound direction as well as the utilization, such as desktop, wireless, and mobile.  

Watch TV without a stand, using a wall mount bracket  

By using a TV wall mount bracket, it is unnecessary to use a TV stand. The benefit of using a wall mount bracket is wider watching angles, which is suitable for multitasking while watching TV. It is also proper for a location that needs an alternative furniture organization design. Power Buy is an all-in-one entertainment solution for all types of recreation with the infinite options of TV and audio accessories for your endless selection.