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Nowadays the technology of television develops rapidly from monochrome television as known as black and white television, to color television, flat television, curved television, and 3D television. Moreover, there are several types of television offered on the market.

LED TV supports displaying a high resolution with higher energy-saving than ever before. One of the interesting choice of TV technology is the LED TV. LED TV uses a variant of a liquid-crystal technique to display images, similar to the previous technology that LCD TV uses (LED-backlit LCD). This illuminated technology that displays an array of LED lights that the human eye sees becomes popular these days. The strong points is the low price thanks to the low-cost manufacturing. The screen is also extra bright, even brighter than the OLED screen. It also has less heat accumulate comparing with the LCD screen. We provide various choices with different features from several brands to fulfill your needs and expectations.

Sony offers a clear screen, brightness at easy on the eye level, worthwhile insurance, and impressive quality. Most of Sony models have similar prominent points which are soft and smooth motion, comfortable to the eye and, brighter comparing to other brands at the same budget. Besides, Sony has been well-known for high QA standards as Made in Japan standard can guarantee good quality. There is a special offer from Sony that you can pay extra money to purchase an extended warranty. The recommended LED TV model from Sony is Sony TV FHD LED 49W660E. With 49 inches screen, this model provides a perfect entertainment experience with the high screen resolution. It also provides a functionality to access YouTube™ within one click. With its virtually realistic viewing experience and screen resolution in Full HD, it is the right model for you.

Experience excellent screen and sound together with an ultramodern design from LG. LG is famous for stunning pixels that display a high-resolution, realistic, and smooth screen. The overall spec is worth buying while the design is also ultramodern. Most importantly, LG brand rarely has a defect, has a long lifetime, worths the money, and has notable customer service with outstanding customer care. The recommend LED TV model for LG is 65UK6100PTA that is developed for entertainment purpose. This 65 inches screen comes with 3840x2160 pixel resolution.There is a soccer mode available for enhancing the quality of sound and picture. The soccer mode will deliver the best experience of watching your favorite soccer match with seamless motion, vivid color of all the action and sound on the field with 4K Ultra HD Resolution that you will be impressed.

Samsung provides the high-resolution screen in all dimensions, rich color pixel, and fully functional. This brand has been acknowledged for vivid color and high-resolution. Samsung gives you a black as pitch and colors in rich and detailed. The technology supports a trendy sound system and file manager feature, reinforcing with the functions that allows you to connect with Samsung smartphones. The recommended model is Smart TV UA49K6300AKXXT.  With 49 inches screen, Samsung invites you to witness this virtual viewing experience that you have never seen before. With this Samsung Smart TV, you will be able to watch your favorite TV show and movie smoothly beyond and above with 2 ms response time.

Panasonic provides a realistic image, natural color, and quality that has a longer product lifetime than usual. Panasonic is one of Japanese brands that offers the longest warranty and high durability. The screen color is natural and less illuminated. Hence, it is energy-saving and durable for use. Combining with its elegant design, it receives a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers. The recommended model is TH-49ES500T. You can enjoy watching your favorite show on this screen that offers Full HD resolution together with a huge 49 inches width and excellent sound system. Besides, the brightness rate is 550 CD/M and the response time is as fast as 0.6 MS.

Actually, all TV models have similar quality standard. The only difference is the optional features and functions. However, most of the main functions and highlights are already covered here. Only take them into your consideration to select which model is suitable and perfect for you. When you can make a decision, Power Buy is ready to give you the above and beyond watching experiences.