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Today, we have a variety of choices of television, phone, and media player with a high definition option. Some users prefer a multitasking device while others prefer using a specific device for a specific purpose. This includes the mp3 player as well as there are people who are willing to purchase them. Some brands continuously release new mp3 player models to meet their customers’ needs, especially those who are particularly in love with music. Perhaps the reason why people are still interested in mp3 players is that they can listen to music without any distraction from a phone call. The quality of the sound itself may also be another reason. Many brands have added special functionalities to handle the current needs. For example, many models are now waterproof, which is suitable for the various environment. Others come with a built-in headset. There are many choices for you to choose from.

SONY NW-A 45 comes with a variety of color for your perfect lifestyle 

Designed to fit your life effortlessly, the NW-A40 Series comes in unique h.ear colours that sync with your style. Enjoy superior sound from High-Resolution Audio and improved BLUETOOTH® streaming with LDAC™. The large, full-color 3.1-inch WVGA (800x400 pixels) screen makes controlling the music easy. Change tracks, create playlists and adjust settings, all with a swipe or a tap. LDAC™ uses a conventional BLUETOOTH® connection, but transfers at a maximum data transfer rate – approximately three times that of other audio profiles. The result is enhanced wireless listening that's much closer to the artist's intention. Full aptX™ HD audio compatibility is available with a firmware update. The quick-charging battery gives you up to 45 hours of listening time, so you can enjoy music all day.  

Mp3 Player that comes with an earphone Sony NW-WS 413 Walkman

The Sony NW-WS413 Walkman is a 4GB MP3 player built into a set of waterproof and dust-proof IP67/68 in-ear headphones. When the going gets tough, the NW-WS410 Sports Walkman is with you every step of the way. Built to withstand the elements, it’s the ultimate training partner. It comes with 4GB storage capacity. It is waterproof to a depth of 2 meters, even in salt water. A sealed design protects against sand, dust, and grit. The headphones come with various size of earbuds as well as different types. Some are open-ended for on land listening, while others feature a thin clear plastic seal membrane on the end to stop water getting into the speakers when swimming. Thus, you can use in while swimming at the depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. It can handle temperatures ranging from -5 to 45 degree Celcius. You’re ready to train in all weathers and any conditions – and so is the NW-WS410. Whether you’re carving through open water or pounding the heavy bag, let nothing hold you back. 

Run to your own rhythm with SONY, SSE-BTR1, the Mp3 player

This music player and application is perfect for playing music and applications while running. Enjoy your favorite music and a wide range of features as you train. The Smart B-Trainer is a music player and application that records running logs and provides music playback that supports effective running. Listening to your favorite tunes as you run is only the start. With the Smart B-Trainer, you can choose automatic song selection, which tailors the playlist to match your heart rate as you run. Or choose a voice guide that coaches you through your running pace. With this single device you can also record your running log and heart rate. The Smart B-Trainer measures your heart rate in real time. Based on your target heart rate, it automatically selects music and provides voice coaching for highly efficient training. The music and voice guide work together to lead you on a run that is just right for you. Smart B-Trainer is your very own personal trainer. You can use hand-free calling while working out. It is waterproof as well.

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