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Blu-ray DVD player

A Blu-ray DVD player comes with various benefits such as enhancing your home entertainment system, providing relaxation, and improving your image and sound experience for better pleasure. Before the launch of Blu-ray technology, we have witnessed the evolution of media player that probably started from the Video Home System (VHS). Some of you may be familiar with rewinding the large VHS tape to the beginning right after you finish watching it. After a VHS, it was an era of a VCD player dominating the market. A VHS became less popular as a VCD is smaller in size and cheaper than a VHS. Not long after, it was the launch of a DVD player. It came with a high-quality media player capability as well as compatibility with VCD discs. Thus, it grew its popularity quickly. Nowadays, there are Blu-ray players and Blu-ray discs, which are most people's top choices. The price in the market varies among different brands. You can choose from the highly renowned brands such as Sony, Pioneer, Sharp, Leona, Samsung, and AJ. The difference in price indicates the difference in its capabilities, but we can guarantee that the image and sound quality will be better than a DVD player. It all depends on your taste and budget.

Quality and definition that supports various file formats

A Blu-ray DVD player supports a complete range of file formats including DVD, VCD, MP3, CDCD-R/RW, CD+R/RW/WMA/WAV/MPEG4/JPMG/DIVX. It also upscales the image definition as well. If you do not need to support these file formats since you already own DVDs, you can purchase a DVD player instead. Earlier when a Blu-ray player was recently launched, it was impossible to check if the disc is a real Blu-ray disc or not. As a result, newer models provide a false Blu-ray disc detector functionality. We recommend purchasing a genuine Blu-ray as a false one may not work with the player.

Option for additional accessories

You can obtain the highest image and sound quality by connecting the media player to other enhancement devices. Attaching video cables or HDMI cables enables you to support more file types and other high-quality monitors. External hard disk connected through USB ports increases the convenience of file transfer from computers. Built-in sound bar saves space as you do not need to install extra speakers. It is crucial to decide which accessories we need and whether they are necessary.

Brand reliability and the differences among brands

This factor depends partly on your own experience, partially on other users' recommendations and reviews, and slightly on information found on the Internet. The easiest option is directly testing the Blu-ray player by yourself. You can then decide whether it can satisfy all your needs. Nowadays, as most brands have similar production standard, you can choose among them confidently.

Price, an unavoidable factor  

From a wide range of Blu-ray DVD players in the market, the difference in quality comes from the direct effect of the various price. A Blu-ray DVD player that renders high-quality images must be more expensive than a standard DVD player or an MP3 player. You should take long-term usage factor in consideration when selecting among the models.

Other specific functionality

In most cases, each person has different needs. For example, some people prefer portability but dislike watching a movie from a smartphone or a tablet. They can try a portable DVD player, where they only need to plug in a headphone and turn on the device. It has simple functionalities and is easy to use. Another example is the MP3 player preference. Some people prefer listening to music from an MP3 player over their smartphones. By using a device independent from their smartphones, there won't be any interruptions from notifications or phone calls. Consequently, you will still see these devices in the market.

These options above are the factors that help you choose the best media player that best suits your needs. Power Buy believes that selecting the best option is always worth it.