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When we get tired from works, we tend to look for something entertaining to relax our mind from stress and tiredness. There is various type of home entertainment system for you to use such as television. Television is one of the most popular home entertainments for a long time. Therefore, it has been continuously developing with advanced technologies as we’ve seen from many brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, and Hisense, which is recently gaining their popularity and interests.

There is a variety type of TV in the market including LED TV, which is popular and energy saving. The screen resolution is up to 4K UHD TV. In case you prefer watching movie at a theater, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree curved screen with virtually realistic screen.  If you are looking for the newest technology, Samsung recently releases a screen, which provides a 100% perfect color displayed such as QLED TV series. It comes with the Quantum dot technology that will deliver a stunning picture and superb detail.The technology has been proven by many institutes of technology labs.


Projector is not only used for meeting presentation, but it is also one of a home entertainment. We can use it to watch our favorite movie and enjoy watching in a larger screen. Nowadays, a projector can support displaying a high brightness picture and selecting the maximum size of picture. A projector is the right answer for the customers who don’t want to waste their money on a new screen. Moreover, a projector is portable. We can carry it with us everywhere and conveniently connect it with other devices. 

Speaker and Home Theater 

Fulfill your enjoyment of sound experience with Speaker and Home Theater.  When we talk about entertainment, speaker is one of the most important devices that can’t be missed. Besides, we have all of the famous speaker brands for you to choose from whether a well-known Asian brands such as JVC, Sony or the Western companies with a long history in speaker and home theater markets such as Bose, Harman/Kardon, and Marshall. 

It is an essential to choose Speaker and Home Theater based on our usage, for example, a 7.1 channel sound system. It means that this speaker has one main subwoofer to provide a heavy bass sound and has seven supported speakers placed all around it. It will give you a perfect and realistic surround sound system. However, if you didn’t need a surround sound system that much, the 2-channel system speaker is already sufficient for you.

Bluetooth speaker

Up to this point many of you may want to have a portable speaker, so we would like to introduce you to a Bluetooth speaker, which is convenient for a person who frequently travels.

Apart from being portable, Bluetooth speaker have a lot of handy features such as waterproof, and dust proof. It is suitable for a pool party, for instance, POLK AUDIO - SWIMMER DUO series. You can attach Bose SoundLink Micro to a bicycle and let the music be your fellow traveler when you go mountain biking. While Soundbar is a device containing several individual speakers, which comes with a beautiful design nowadays. Hence, the owner can also use this type of speaker as a decoration for their living room such as a Leona soundbar – SB2 series, and we can ensure it will serve your needs precisely.


We have all types of headphones to offer, for example, In-ear headphones that could deliver a perfect sound and cut off disturbing noises, Over-Ear headphones that give you a great deep bass sound and support all range of frequencies, and Bluetooth headset, which is suitable for a person who doesn’t want to deal with messy headphones cable. In case you want to enjoy listening to the music while working out, this type of headphones is absolutely convenient for you.

CD player

CD player is suitable for a person who still prefers watching movie from a CD. Besides a regular CD player, there is a Blu-ray Player that was made especially for a high-resolution video. If you want to watch a TV program, drama, or a live media content such as news or live sports, you should consider buying a Digital TV and Android Box and install it with your TV.

If you are searching for a pocket size of enjoyment for playing popular games, Game Console and VR PlayStation were made for you! These are a range of all the entertaining equipment that we are ready to support all of the customer needs and actual usage. However, if you are the one who know what is the best home entertainment for you, come and experience these technologies by yourself at Power Buy. We promise that you will not be disappointed.