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Smart toys & gadgets are innovative devices that will make your life more convenient. It will create a more enjoyable time for you and your family, whether it is a wearable device, smart home product, or smart toys & gadget. What are the differences between these products? Let's take a closer look.

A wearable device is a smart device that you can wear as an accessory. It comes with a built-in computer system that can sync data through the Internet, computers, and smartphones. The first wearable device is an Apple Watch or a smartwatch, which is not only telling you the time but also sending you a notification about your social network and SMS. In summary, a smartwatch can sync the health data with smartphones such as heart rate. It can send SMS notification, send incoming call notification, vibrate when the phone is not nearby, connect to Bluetooth and the Internet. It can count your steps, monitor your exercise, check calories burnt, check deep sleep time, and act as an alarm clock by vibrating on your wrist. It can monitor the food you eat, can be controlled by voice, and is rechargeable. Nowadays, many brands have launched more innovative smart toys & gadgets in the form of wearable devices.

Additionally, there are Apple Watch and smartwatch accessories available such as Apple Watch screen protector, Apple Watch strap, magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch, as well as VR player that will entertain you well.

A smart home is a home that contains devices that facilitate various convenience to the residents. The technology often comes in the form of home appliances such as a security system for the house like a motion sensor, burglar alarm, emergency button, and flood sensor home kit. Moreover, there are also CCTV cameras that will help you monitor the home. You can control the cameras with your smartphones or tablets from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This also includes vacuum cleaner robots, mopping robots, and glass cleaning robots. They will help you with household chores and tedious tasks so you can spend more time on other meaningful activities. 

We would also like to introduce smart toys & gadgets including drones, drone accessories, smart toys, car cameras, and other gadgets as follows.

- A drone is a popular smart toy as it has a camera installed. When you fly a drone, you can capture images in different angles that you have never seen before. However, before flying your drone, you need to register for permission first.
- Drone accessories include charging cables, batteries, controllers, and many more. For example, DJI is a battery for Ismo, which extend the usage time of a drone. It is specifically designed for Osmo, using 980 mAh. IT also comes with a special feature to save energy as well.
- Smart toys are those devices that enhance the entertainment for you and your families such as a remote-controlled motor vehicle and smart keyboards.
- Other gadgets include external harddrive, for example, a portable 2 TB external drive with an integrated UHS-II microSD card slot, USB-C STGH2000400 from Seagate. It is suitable for drone players and photographers to keep drone footage. If the video card is full and you need somewhere secure to keep photos and videos, it will help ease your problem. You can transfer the data easily and conveniently.

All of these are the smart toys & gadgets that can connect to your devices such as smartphones and tablets via BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, and the Internet. They are considered an advanced technology that will help make your life easier.