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Food Storage & Preservation

Various types of household item are available to meet different uses and purposes. They are carefully designed to meet the needs of different lifestyles. Food storage container is one such item made for storing food to delay rotting. Apart from being a food container for your meal, it can keep your leftover fresh, whether refrigerated or frozen. In addition to a simple food storage container, there are other kinds of containers such as a vacuum tumbler, a food storage container set, and a vacuum sealer. When choosing boxes and containers for food storage and preservation, you should consider a container's material, volume, and usage. Plastic storage containers are great for storing and reheating food while glass storage containers are also oven safe. They both come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes. Apart from being the food storage, these containers can also be used to organize your house. The most important thing to consider about these containers is whether they meet the production standard to ensure safety.

LOCK&LOCK KITTY LKT818 Rectangular Container that is Durable and Safe for Users
LOCK&LOCK food storage containers made of high-quality plastics that are safe and does not leave any color or residue are now available in cute Kitty pattern. LOCK&LOCK KITTY LKT818 uses a new type of material that is BPA-free and also eco-friendly. It is an upgraded version of LOCK&LOCK Classics, containers with Airtight Technology that are perfect for storing dry food. It is translucent, suitable and useful for storing food or other items. Additionally, its impact resistance makes it safe to use at home with children. It can withstand rapid temperature change while not leaving any color or odor behind. It is a product of the continuous development of LOCK&LOCK, which makes it possible to deliver high-quality, durable, safe, and eco-friendly products to customers.

Super Lock Food Storage Container Set, Leakage-Free and Bacteria Protect
15-Piece Super Lock food storage container set with lid is a product designed for food preservation. This versatile vacuum food container set was made from high-quality material, making it highly durable, impact-resistant, and safe to use. Additionally, the food and odor can be 100% kept inside the container. Therefore, ants and insects inside food storage are no longer your concern. Double-locked technology that blocks air from passing in and out can keep the food fresh longer than usual. This makes it possible to store liquid food without spilling, leakage, or odor. It is made from non-carcinogenic plastic (BPA Free) with a Microban technology that helps prevent fungus and bacteria. It is durable in hot and cold temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius, freezer safe, and microwavable.

Take it with You Anywhere. LOCK&LOCK Tumbler EMOTION LHC4114
LOCK&LOCK Tumbler EMOTION LHC4114 is suitable for those who are looking for a high-quality vacuum flask that is durable, portable, and easy to clean. LOCK&LOCK Tumbler EMOTION LHC4114 can keep both hot and cold water so you can use it all year round. It comes with a stopper that controls the amount of water for drinking. A stainless steel filter facilitates the usage while a slip protection plate under the container provides excellent safety. With the high-quality material in each compartment, this container set is very durable. It can keep the temperature, both hot and cold, for up to 6 - 8 hours in a 350 ml capacity.

Extending Shelf Life of Your Food with LACOR MAXI VACUUM PACK MACHINE 69350
This vacuum sealer comes with 100 watts power and 0.8 bar of vacuum. The machine width is 30 cm while the seal width is 3MM, making food preservation easy and convenient. You can use it to seal a bag containing liquid food too. The product is high in standard, durable, and has a long lifetime at a price you can easily own.