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Nowadays, "electric stove" has become more popular because it is safer to use in condominiums, dormitories, or houses with restrictions on the use flame. Additionally, the electric stove has a beautiful design, which fits with other furniture in the house. Thus, it is popular in the present day. However, to use the electric stove, you must first know what is currently available in the market, which are Hot Plate, Ceramic, and Induction.

Hot Plate cooking pan and stove
The plate is made of stainless steel. The heat comes from the coil under the black plate. The heating process is relatively slow resulting in delayed heat adjustment. Thus, you can turn off the stove before finishing your cooking. It also consumes a large amount of electricity.

Ceramic Hob
The plate is made of ceramic, which has a high heat resistance property and is shockproof. The heat comes from the electric coil, infrared tube, or halogen lamp. The heating area has a red color. The heating process is also slow resulting in delayed heat adjustment. Thus, you can turn off the stove before finishing your cooking as well.

Induction cooking pan and stove
This type of stove uses induction technique. The heating plate is made of ceramic. Induction cooking works by creating a magnetic field between the pot and the magnetic coils beneath the cooking surface. The energy created in the electromagnetic field heats the contents of the pot. However, the heat is only generated when there is a pot over the stove. Thus, it loses less heat and saves more energy. The only limitation is the need to use only metal containers.

In conclusion, the differences among the three types of stoves are as follows.
1. The amount of electricity used. Hot Plate and Ceramic stoves consume more electricity than Induction stove.
2. The heating speed. Hot Plate and Ceramic stoves take more time to heat up than Induction stove.
3. The heat adjustment speed. Hot Plate and Ceramic stoves take more time to adjust the heat than Induction stove.
4. The material of the electric stove plate. Hot Plate stove uses stainless steel as its plate, but Ceramic and Induction stoves use ceramic as their plates.
5. The price. Hot Plate stove is the cheapest while the Induction stove is the most expensive.

To use the three types of cooking pan and stove, start with plugging in and wait until the stove is ready by observing the "- -" sign on the screen, which means it is ready to use. Place the container over the plate and select the appropriate function or heat level. Some models use watt power as the unit while some use a level from 1 to 10. You should study the instruction manual that accompanies the product as well. After cooking, turn the stove off with the turn off button. In case a cooling fan is still working, do not unplug until it finishes. Thus, you should leave the stove plugged in for a while after pressing the turn off button.

Some things to consider before purchasing are as follows
- Choose a cooking pan and stove that meets safety and durability standards, which can be observed from certificates
- Choose a cooking pan and stove that is made from durable materials
- Choose a cooking pan and stove that comes with safety mechanism from heat and short circuit

Taking into consideration the installation that is suitable for your kitchen
Since this kind of cooking pan and stove is delicate and not entirely rust-proof, you should be careful when using it. Using vegetable oil or olive oil to clean the stove can prevent it from rusting. If the stove comes with a scraping knife, use it to scrape off food stains before cleaning. Clean the stove with stain remover or vegetable oil by using a soft cloth to wipe it gently. Then wipe it again with a clean cloth. To clean Induction stove, pour a mix of baking soda and water on a cloth and gently rub off the stain then use a damp cloth to wipe off again.