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Equipment to help you relax from stress at home. There are many different devices to relax and comfort your body; and one of them is a massage machine. Having a massage machine at home, you can feel free from tension, free temporarily from physical suffering, and regain power to do work and other useful tasks. The main consideration to be taken when buying a massage machine for home use, which comes in various models such as, electric massage chair, foot massage machine, multi-purpose massage pillow, portable mini massage machine, and neck massage machine, is to buy according to the needs and purpose. The details information is included here.

RESTER electric massage chair TITAN EC-362 Full-function relaxing massage chair
RESTER Titan electric massage chair comes with 3 automatic programs and 6 custom programs. It comes with 4 rollers and 15 air bags. The seat is designed to fit the body. The feet and recline pieces can be adjusted up to 110 degrees - 165 degrees. The timer can be set up to 15 minutes, and the chair can hold up to 120 kilograms.

Relax from daily life with RESTER ISTEPP foot massage machine
RESTER ISTEPP foot massage machine comes with 2 automatic massage programs. The heat system starts working together with the automatic massage program. It relaxes the specific muscles and helps increase blood circulation. We ensure that the pain will gradually improve noticeably. It comes with one-year warranty.

RESTER ICHERRY multi-purpose massage pillow. Relaxing while sleeping.
Easy to use with one-button to let you enjoy massaging. Four heating rotating nodes comfort you anywhere and anytime, despite being in a car. It is portable and can be used with any part of your body such as neck, stomach, legs, back, and thighs. The heat can be adjusted to 50-70 degree Celsius. It comes with one-year warranty.

Carry this machine anywhere, RESTER IDEA4 mini massage machine.
It can be used to massage arms, thighs, shoulders, and other parts of the body by yourself. The machine has both heating and cooling functions. It also comes with vibration to accelerate blood circulation. Its battery can be charge to use portably.