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Electric Insect Killer - one of the great innovations to save mankind from the mosquito

In Thailand, it is common to encounter with insects and mosquitoes. Sticking or flying around arms and legs, we often have to slap or kill them. After bitten by a mosquito, we sometimes apply balm on to the skin or leave it. However, mosquito causes several disease and sickness. There are many types of mosquito in Thailand, such as:

Anopheles – a malaria-carrying mosquito. There are at least 73 kinds of Anopheles, in which 3 of them are a significant carrier. It is easy to identify Anopheles as it rests with its abdomens sticking up in the air. Anopheles that can be found in rural areas and at home (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) are the main carriers of dengue, while wild Anopheles are the carriers of elephantiasis.

Common house mosquito - It is frequently found in an urban area. It is small and fast. There are 2 white sickle pattern on its side. It also has a white pattern on its legs. The mosquito breeds in all kinds of water surface both indoor and outdoor. It likes to suck human blood more than animal blood during late morning and afternoon. Under shadow, it likes to bite human arms and legs. Generally, its prey does not feel hurt while it bites, so its prey does not know when being bitten. The Ae Aegypti bites both indoor and outdoor, and rest at dark corners of the room, jars, and cold shrubs. Another type of common house mosquito, Ae albopictus, can be found in a suburb, countryside, and in forests. It has a scutum pattern of a long white stripe across the body, which is different from Ar Aegypti. It breeds in the water container, wood, cavity, coconut shell, leave, and others. This type of mosquito has a similar character to Ae Aegypti, but with less agility. It causes dengue.

Culex mosquito - There are many kinds of Culex mosquito. It causes encephalitis and elephantiasis. Culex larva lives in water, still and flowing, which is dirty with high nitrogen or with plant rotten fermentation. Culex mosquito that can be found frequently in an urban area is Culex quinquefasciatus, a light brown mosquito which breeds in wastewater, drainage, and potholes. Culex mosquito that can be found frequently in the countryside is Cx. tritaeniorhynchus and Cx. Vishnu as they breed in a rice field, especially during the plowing period and at the wet grassy area. It can be found heavily during the rainy season and bites cattle and pig more than human. In addition to causing annoyance, it carries encephalitis.

Isn’t it better to have a tool to get rid of insects and mosquitoes at your house or building? Of course, it is. These tools save time and energy. They do not cost a lot and come with many benefits, which are:

1. Reduce the annoyance: mosquito is a creator, but not for good. It creates annoyance by making noise and carries abundant diseases to a human in all age and gender. We should have an insect killer to reduce annoyance and for better health.  
2. Increase confidence: Seeing the insect killer kills mosquitoes making us more confident that soon mosquitoes of all kinds will not be able to do harm. There should be less disease.  
3. Decrease the amount of mosquito: Without an insect killer, the number of mosquitoes is surely increase. So, using insect killer is a way to decrease the amount of mosquito.

Insect killer is one of the great innovations to save mankind from the mosquito. Despite not poisonous as bees, mosquitoes are annoying that people want to slap them. However, using an insect killer makes it easier as we can kill them for hundreds at a time. It is much easier this way.