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New technologies and innovations are created and designed to make life easier, including small appliances for home and condominium. For new condominium residents, you might be thinking about what are the small appliances you need and what are appropriate to you in term of convenience, style, and urban life-oriented. Power Buy Online would like to present you a way to select small appliances which equipped with modern innovations that are suitable for your place.

Enough with traditional vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are small appliances that are essential to today’s lifestyle. After working tirelessly, instead of partying with friends, sleeping, watching movies, listening to music, or spending time to rest on holidays, you may have to exhaustedly waste time in cleaning your room’s floor. Such a problem would not occur if you have a tiny robot vacuum cleaner that works for you as a housewife. With a compact size, a robot vacuum cleaner is highly suitable for your condominium. In addition to being compact, a robot vacuum cleaner is also intelligent. It is designed to clean your place well by using a sensor to detect dust. It comes with a timer where, for example, you can set it to clean every morning or during the time when you are not in the room. If the battery is running low, a robot vacuum cleaner would run back to recharge itself immediately making the floor in your room clean at all time.

LG VR65710LVMP is an interesting model. It comes with good quality. It cleans the floor thoroughly and is easy to use. LG VR65710LVM comes with an elegant design. It is made of good quality materials, strong, and durable in a compact size. It also has a Smart Inverter motor which has 10 years warranty. It comes with Duel Eye 2.0 and 2 cameras to help to remember the cleaning area and to increase the performance in the dark. It is also equipped special brush. It also comes in affordable pricing.

Next, small appliances for cooking are also indispensable. A microwave oven, for example, is an important factor in your life. A traditional microwave oven might not be the answer to your needs in this era anymore. A microwave oven in this era needs to be more than just an appliance to warm food. With limited space and time of people living in a condominium – who are also passionate about cooking – one microwave oven should save your space by working in multipurpose. It should be more than just to warm food, but to bake pastries, bake pizza, grill steak, or fry without oil. There are several models of a microwave oven that are interesting, such as Midea MMO-20J91. It comes with all the essential functions of a small appliance. It has special functions, such as quick cooking, defrosting, and 30-minute timer. It is suitable for your cooking creativity in your kitchen. Moreover, an Electrolux EMM2021MW microwave oven comes with the electronically controlled functions that you are familiar with. No matter baking or warming, you can do it easily. This 20-liter microwave makes it convenient for you to cook with a 30-minute timer, 6-level heating adjustment, defrosting program, and a knob to assist you with controlling the oven.