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Mobile phone and Tablet accessories

The various uses of mobile phone and tablet make mobile phone and tablet accessories sale skyrocket. It is a benefit for customers because the higher sale means the more choices they have. The method of choosing a mobile phone and tablet accessories is not only based on the price. You should also consider the quality as well. Some people feel like they have already invested a lot of money on their phone, so they refuse to pay more for high-quality accessories. Today we have some tips for you to make the right decision before purchasing a phone and tablet accessories.

iPhone accessories
iPhone from Apple is one of the top smartphone brands in the market. In the past, there was an obstacle of limited connecting ports. However, there is a lightning cable to make it more convenient. Many brands in the market today manufacture this lightning cable, which can be used with the iPad as well. A dock is another accessory that provides the user with convenience for charging. Thus, before purchasing iPhone accessories, make sure that they are compatible with your iPhone model. If you are buying from non-Apple brands, make sure it is from a trusted brand with sufficient warranty. 
Other smartphone accessories 
They include cases, waterproof bag, and shockproof film. You should consider the objective of your usage. Selecting a case should be based on the material. There was a case where a smartphone case made from hazardous material is discovered to be dangerous for physical contact. Even if you are using a shockproof film and waterproof bag, you should always be gentle with your smartphone. It is better not to let it wet at all. There are various smartphone accessories brands such as Anitech, Belkin, Commy, Focus, and a famous brand like Samsung. 

Tablet accessories
 Tablet today is used as a substitute for a computer. It is necessary to choose the proper tablet accessories to make it even more useful. If you are into entertainment, maybe it is nice to have a case that can turn into a tablet stand, then you can watch movies and videos. For business purpose, we recommend an extended keyboard. Some models even let you transfer data with a USB cable. You should select based on the actual usage. Ask yourself whether those accessories can help facilitate your life. 

Memory card & card reader
Memory-related accessories are always essential since before the smartphone become popular. At that time, a phone had many limitations, physically and internally. However, smartphones today come with much higher capacity, which is the result of continuous development of technology. The need for greater memory in a smartphone is the result of technological advancement such as better content quality that requires more memory. You should select a memory card that is compatible with your device. The most widely used memory card format is SD card. You should also buy from reliable brands such as Apacer, Kingston, Sandisk, etc. 
Power bank 
There is a variety of choices for a power bank. You should compare the price to the capacity to see whether it is worth the price or not. Higher capacity does not guarantee that it is a better choice. As you can see from the news, there have been accidents from the use of low-quality power bank that caused it to explode. Today, multiple airlines do not allow you to keep a power bank in your loaded luggage. Thus, always choose a power bank from a reliable brand with manufacturing standard from a certified body. It will make you feel safer and less worried when using a power bank.