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Phone & Tablet - important devices in your life

Nowadays, technology consistently goes beyond and above. The outstanding innovation that never stops developing is a phone. A phone is widely used everywhere and important in every single moment of daily life. There is an enhancement that attempts to combine all devices in one phone. Moreover, there is an extension device, which is a tablet. A tablet is like a mini PC but it is portable. The factors that should be considered in a phone and tablet are their features since each individual usage and purpose is different.

Screen and resolution

The screen display is precisely important to us as we use it all days. The screen affects the eyesight while the resolution also affects our thoughts. Today, the screen is not ordinarily designed anymore since newer designs have a better resolution, a wider perspective, and a 3D curved screen. In addition, it contains additional features such as tempered glass, Corning Gorilla glass, and screen protector glass. The resolution also affects the screen size. Hence, the minimum screen size is 4.5 inches for eye comfort and clear display.

The central processing unit and RAM

The central processing unit or CPU is the main power in a smartphone. Recently, the minimum for CPU is 4-core (Quad-core) or 8-core (Octa-core). However, in the common usage user may not feel a difference between the two types of CPU core. It will show an effect when processing with gaming and graphics card in terms of performance. Besides, another factor that affects the speed of the device is RAM, which is like a connectivity in a smartphone system. A user should consider 1 GB as the minimum RAM for less social network usage, 2 GB for common usage, and 3-4 GB for supporting a game and content in long-term usage.

Network system

Now we are in the 4G generation, which means that the speed of data transfer is up to 100 Mbps. Therefore, the internet speed in a phone and tablet is now much faster. A user can watch online streaming with high resolution and no lagging. A video call across the world and an online meeting can operate easier and less costly. In terms of the telecommunication providers, each user should select a phone and a company that has a compatible frequency. Some models may have a different configuration. Though, it is not that complex since most manufacturers will obviously inform and provide information.

Front camera and rear camera

As it becomes new normal, the camera functionalities should support a high pixel image resolution and aperture. Some model currently has better quality than some digital camera model. Hence, media technology is widely spread. Moreover, it has various software for supporting and AI selfie technology that can intelligently analyze and recognize a face. In feeling and usage of a camera, it depends on the practical usage since each brand has different pros and cons. Some model provides a smooth picture while another model provides a high-resolution picture. Consequently, we suggest that a user should try and test a real model at a shop.


It affects the storage of media content, for instance, image file, music file, video, and application that a user will install later on. It is a significant factor that influences the decision of a user. Most of the memory that was produced for phone and tablet model support a high capacity memory. Thus, a user should consider at least 16-32 GB for long-term usage. Besides, there is a limited memory capacity for a specific model. A user should acknowledge this information for the worthwhile usage. Therefore, a user does not need to change their device frequently.

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