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Top-load (Two Tubs) Washing Machine

It is a top-load washing machine with two separated tubs for washing and drying. It is semi-automatic as the users need to manually fill water with detergent, set the timer, and move the washed clothes to a dryer tub by themselves.

The advantage of a top-load twin tub washing machine is the easy installation and transport. You can choose if you want to install a water pipe or fill the water manually. Washing is faster as you can set the timer by yourself. You can also stop the wash whenever you wish. The tub has a high spin speed, so the clothes are perfectly clean. It is also convenient to separate clothing items that cannot go in the dryer. The most important point is the price, which is only half the price of a one tub washer. This type of washing machine is suitable for a large family the requires washing a big pile of clothes quickly. Today, two tubs washing machine comes with different programs for different types of fabric.

The disadvantage of a top-load twin tub washing machine is the requirement of manual operations and a shorter product lifetime than a one tub model.

The comparison between the two tubs and one tub washing machines tells us that a single tub washer is more suitable for the lightweight wash while a two tubs washer is excellent for washing a large pile of clothes at once. While a one tub washer provides convenience, a two tubs washer is better at speed and mobility. Each of them has unique features, which may suit different needs.

Power Buy would like to recommend these top-load two tubs washing machine that are high in quality, easy to use, and well worth at a reasonable price. The first model from a renowned brand is Sharp ES-TW140BL top-load twin tub washing machine (14kg). It comes with High-Pulse Pulsator technology, which empowers the water flow to ensure your clothes are clean as well as preserves your fabric. Its Safety System can stop the washer to prevent any danger during usage. It also comes with special wash programs.

The next model is LG WP-1350ROT top-load two tubs washing machine. The Roller Jet Puch + 3 wash plate delivers exceptional laundry quality, removes bacteria, and preserve the fabric. The Wind Jey Dry technology speeds up the dryer time. It comes with a 9.5 kg high-quality, durable, and anti-rust resin drum and the luxurious Control Panel.

Another unmissable model is Samsung WT85H3210MB top-load two tubs washing machine. The dedicated Activ Tray provides a convenient space to hand-wash delicate items. It comes with a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body, which is resistant to humidity. Thus, it is durable, and it will stay looking good for years. An Air Turbo Spin-drying system leaves the laundry fresh and well dried by powerful circulation. It rotates the drum at high-speed and draws in more air making wet clothes and blankets dry more effectively.

The last model is Hitachi PS-140WJ two tubs top-load washing machine, which is the answer to your perfect laundry result. The wash tub capacity is 14 kg while the dry tub capacity is 12 kg. The maximum spin speed is 1,300 RPM. It comes with Beat Blade, the big blades that generate a powerful water flow for robust washing. No matter what the season, this high-speed air drying system, Air Jet Dry, dries your clothes faster and cleaner. Its large capacity allows you to easily wash large items even two king size duvets at once. It comes with a rust-resistant stainless steel tub with corrosion proof body.

Apart from these models, you can stay tuned for news and promotions of other washing machine models at Power Buy website 24/7.