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Water Cooler - one of the options that many households prefer

The notably hot climate makes it necessary for us to have home appliances that can reduce the heat. Thus, we undoubtedly invest in home appliances for cooling throughout the year. A water cooler is one of the options that many households prefer. However, selecting a water cooler based on the price may not be sufficient. Here is the list of all necessary aspects to consider before you purchase a water cooler.

Safety standard that you should never overlook  
The water cooler that meets the standard requirement will receive the qualification called TIS, which stands for Thai Industrial Standards from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, or the ISO standard. It builds a user's confident and guarantees safety usage. Consequently, quality-assured products are less prone to unintentional accidents. You should also take into consideration the warranty period as well as the installation of a ground wire since it is a water-related appliance.

Reliable material and assembly process
A decent water cooler should have a body made from top-grade thick stainless steel. It should not contain any lead as it may contaminate the water we consume. Additionally, to attach the parts of a water cooler, argon welding method is recommended. However, for plastic material, make sure that it is safe to contain drinking water as well as not changing the odor, taste, or the color of the water. More importantly, the chemicals in the plastic should not exceed the standard limit

Volume, size, and area of placement  
The usability criteria should reflect the actual usage. The water cooler should have the volume appropriate to the needs. If it is a public venue, you can either use a single large water cooler or multiple smaller water coolers. Placing a water cooler is another concern. It is necessary to consider the surrounding area, the route, and the placement location as the water cooler takes up a lot of space. You also need to provide the space for the users, so that they do not block the pathway while using the appliance.

Special functionalities  
In many models, particular functionalities are available. To be able to utilize all the features provided by the manufacturer, you can find more information on the manufacturer's website. If you would like more information on the experiment or if you are uncertain about the product safety, you can consult the manufacturer or the related parties.

From the various alternatives in the market, Power Buy hand-picked these high-quality water cooler models for you.

Guarantee usage safety with Sharp SB-29 hot & cold water dispenser
Sharp SB-29 hot & cold water dispenser comes with two push-in faucets, one for hot water and another for cold water. The material used is top-grade anti-corrosive plastic. The water tank is a molded lead-free stainless steel. It uses a compressor for fast cooling and a heater for heating. It prevents a water burn with the safety button that allows hot water to flow only after button press. There is a clear water status represented using light as well.

Ease your thirst with Sharp SB-C9 water cooler
Opening the fridge frequently wastes a lot of energy. Let Sharp SB-C9 water cooler provide you cold water all day. It comes with a modern aesthetic design. The molded cool tank is lead-free. It develops to have a better cooling performance by allowing more cooling coil area to contact the water tank. You can drink cold water instantly thanks to the compressor that cools the water promptly. The refrigerant used is CFC-free, which is environmentally friendly. The warranty period for a compressor is five year.

With the various specific requirements and conditions, the suitability can only be determined by you. Let Power Buy assist you to find your dream home appliance.