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A Dishwasher - killing bacteria and easy usage

Our daily lives are more convenient with home appliances. Different types of home appliance serve different usage purposes. Save your time and energy for hand washing the dishes with the dishwasher. Especially, for restaurants or large-sized organizations, a large number of dishware and utensils can be cleaned at once. In the past years, there were not many models and functionalities of a dishwasher. Additionally, consumers questioned the cleaning efficiency of a dishwasher. In the present day, technology advancement has improved the cleanness level and added other functionalities such as killing bacteria and easy usage. However, you should consider the following aspects before purchasing a dishwasher.

Usage level

You should consider the proper dishwasher size for actual usage. For example, a large-sized dishwasher that comes with a sensor controller and higher water temperature can accommodate thousands of plates. It is suitable for large organizations or large-sized restaurants. A medium-sized dishwasher that comes with automatic wash program can contain hundreds of dishes. It should be enough for typical restaurants. A smaller-sized dishwasher is suitable for smaller household such as a condominium with only a few family members. It can provide primary cleansing for your dishware and utensils.

Standard requirement

A decent dishwasher should come with standards of security qualification as well as energy efficiency. Each electrical appliance comes with a unique specification according to the manufacturer. If the dishwasher comes with certified standards, it will guarantee safety for consumers. It will also ensure that the material used is safe and that the manufacturing process is standardized. Some of the standards include energy efficiency label no.5, Thai Industrial Standards (TIS), and different types of ISO standard.

Dishwasher program

With most dishwashers these days, there are a variety of programs to choose such as standard mode, water-saving mode, quick mode, and heavy-wash mode. You can set different configurations according to how dirty the dishware is. Most models also come with sensors to increase the precision in operation as well as a heating and airing process to kill bacteria. Some are suitable for ceramic and glass but not plastic. Some come with an energy-saving feature as well.

Dishwasher operation

Each person has a unique requirement for a dishwasher. Some people require a dishwasher to operate quietly, while others require high capacity. However, the optimal cleaning system is a spray system for the highest hygiene. It is essential to select the proper dishwasher size as it directly affects the cleanness of the dishware. Smaller models are suitable for household-level usage, while medium-sized or large-sized dishwashers are more suitable for restaurants.

Cleaning piles of dishes instantly with DFG15B10-EU dishwasher from Indesit

Sometimes, a dishwasher inevitably consumes a lot of water. It will no longer be an issue with DFG15B10-EU dishwasher from Indesit. The reduced water consumption can still contain as much as 144 dishwares at once. Five programs are available to save your time and energy. Press the start button then you can spend your time on afternoon tea and your favorite book.

SMS40E32EU, the innovative dishwasher from Bosch

Sometimes you cannot wait for the dishwasher to be full as you need to clean your dishes instantly. With the HalfLoad option, this is not a problem because it is an ideal cycle for washing fewer dishes, saving both water and time. Bosch's innovative ActiveWater technology maximizes efficiency to produce outstanding results while protecting the environment. With carefully targeted water distribution, improved filter technology, faster heating and increased pump output for more water circulation, ActiveWater dishwashers give superb results.

Clean your dishware efficiently with an MR-DWM1604 dishwasher from Mamaru

Mamaru dishwashers undergo a standardized manufacturing process. It can clean your dishware efficiently. With its modern technology that provides different dishwasher programs, you will have more time for other tasks. It saves your electricity and water bills as well.