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Home Appliances - convenience to the household

Home is a place where we spend most of our time in our daily lives. As a result, home appliances that provide convenience to the household become necessities. With the right home appliances, family members can fully enjoy the convenience and comfort. The criteria for selecting each type of home appliance is flexible and based on the necessity and utility of each household.

Refrigerator extends shelf-life of your food with a cooling mechanism

You will never feel like home in a house with no refrigerator. A refrigerator is a home appliance that every household must have to store food and leftovers so that you don't need to throw them away. The temperature inside the fridge is typically around 5 - 15 Celsius. The freezer must have a temperature lower than -2 Celsius. It should also come with an auto-defrost system because the frost buildup will become an obstacle for the cooling process, which will increase power consumption unnecessarily. A one-door refrigerator is the most widely used model for typical households. For those who want to organize better, a two-door refrigerator is an excellent option. However, for larger family or restaurants, a multi-door refrigerator or a large freezer may be more suitable.

All-in-one home appliance for your clothes: a washing machine

A washing machine is a home appliance that is related to our daily lives. Today, newer washing machine models come with extensive functionalities for your clothes such as dryer function, rinse function, and UV cleaner. A front-load washer is built for efficiency while a top-load washer often accommodates more clothes. If you need other functionalities, a top-load washer with two drums is your best solution. However, if you are too busy to hang dry your clothes manually, a washer-dryer combo is another excellent option.

Fan, an alternative to cooling with natural air

In households where an air conditioner is unnecessary or unsuitable, a fan becomes an essential item, especially for people with an allergy. A table fan has a small size that can fit into a compact room while a stand fan has a bigger size and a broader motor body set than a table fan. Some models have a flexible body. Another interesting choice is an evaporative cooler, which you should only use in an area with enough ventilation. A wall fan is suitable for a confined space that requires a complete air flow.

Adjust suitable water temperature for your body with a water heater

For people who are concerned about water temperature when showering, a water heater is a must-have item, especially during winter. There are many great models from various brands in the market. However, it is necessary to look for standard and safety labels. Since the appliance is related to water, we should install a ground wire for our safety.

Save your time and energy in the kitchen with a dishwashing machine

Dealing with tableware is one of the reasons people avoid cooking. As a result, they find an alternative to manually washing them, which is a dishwashing machine. It can wash your tableware collectively and quickly. You can either directly place the freestanding model in your kitchen or install the built-in model. Before purchasing, you should consider the necessity relative to the amount of tableware you use daily, the choices of available dishwasher programs, and the extra electricity required.

Save a lot more space in your kitchen with built-in appliances

Smaller houses usually have a limited area within each room. In this case, it is suitable to use built-in appliances in the kitchen, integrating them into the wall. The objective is to save your kitchen space as well as create a beautiful design for your kitchen. Examples of built-in appliances for the kitchen are ovens and dishwashing machines, which can provide convenience and comfort. Only you can tell which type of home appliance is the most suitable for your needs. Come and experience the newest technology for your home at Power Buy. We guarantee you will be impressed with our wide range of the best home appliance selection.