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Among the various types of printers, there are many characteristics for specific applications as well as scanners. It supports different usage needs. Today we will recommend some of the interesting other printers & scanners for you to consider before purchase.


PT-D200RK is a stylish Rilakkuma labeling machine which contains 34 types of Rilakkuma patterns, and 22 types of Rilakkuma frames. You can create your own unique Rilakkuma label easily by yourself. It is considered as one of the innovative other printers & scanners.

Many of you may not be familiar with a label printer. It is a device that allows us to create labels or message stickers for labeling objects and devices easily and conveniently. It comes with ready-made patterns, helping us to design the labels according to our needs. Brother PT-D200RK, the latest label printer that was launched will be very attractive to Rilakkuma lovers. The device itself is designed in a Rilakkuma shape. The price is around 1,990 Thai Baht.

2. Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Dot matrix printer is a type of computer printer used for a large amount of document production such as accounting or billing to customers. It uses a print head that moves back-and-forth, or in an up-and-down motion, on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper to produce the image or text. It is widely used because it is affordable and the price suits the quality.

Designed to do more with less, Epson LQ-310 offers fast-printing at a low cost. Compact and capable, Epson LQ-310 24-pin dot matrix printer features extraordinary speed, output quality, and reliability. You can now enjoy high-speed processing time, with 128KB data buffer that will reduce waiting time. Maximize productivity with a fast print speed of up to 416 characters per second (12 cpi), which is 40% faster than the former models. It can print on 4 carbon copies (1 original + 3 copies). It comes with a USB port, Serial port, and Parallel to allow you to connect to multiple devices. It is one of the very interesting choices of other printers & scanners. The price is around 1,990 Thai Baht.

3. Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer POLMP01B (Black)

The Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer POLMP01B is one of other printers & scanners suitable for people who love photography and are somewhat artistic. It lets you print directly from your mobile phone or tablet in less than 60 seconds using Bluetooth or NFC technology. It is easy to use, beautifully designed, and is durable. It gives you 2x3” full-color photos. Charging is done through micro-USB Cable. It is compact and easily portable. The price is around 5,990 Thai Baht.

4. ADS-1600W Compact Wireless Desktop Scanner

With the ADS-1600W scanning, organizing and sharing information with multiple users is simple. True wireless scanning straight to your mobile device or to the cloud combined with intelligent software allows your information to go further. It is compact and flexible, allowing you to place it on your desk or carry it around. Scan anything from business cards, plastic ID cards (insurance card, driver license, and ID card), photographs, receipts and up to A4 2-Sided (duplex) documents from 8.5" with to 34" height. The speed is from 5 ppm to 24 ppm, saving more time for the user. It can handle heavy load of work. Most importantly, you can print and scan via a free application iPrint&Scan available on iOS and Android. The price is approximately 10,990 Thai Baht.

These are all the interesting other printers & scanners we want to share with you. There are a lot of unique products that fit different lifestyles. Please check the price and the promotion at the shop before purchase.