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A monitor is an essential component of a computer. The continuous evolution of a monitor is consistent with technology advancement. Newer technology allows the monitor to display even more realistic images and graphics. The different types of monitor are similar to the television screen as follows.

CRT Monitor (Cathode Ray Tube Monitor)
The CRT is a monitor that receives the analog video signal. It was developed from the CRT television screen by the well-known IBM. Today, CRT monitor is no longer popular as it is replaced by other types of monitor that have higher resolution and better graphics display.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
The LCD is a digital display developed from the CRT monitor. It was first used in clocks and calculators to display a few numbers. Later, it was developed into a computer monitor by using liquid crystal material and fluorescent tube, which is a thin tube, aligning horizontally. It replaces CRT while consuming less electricity. However, the disadvantage of LCD is the viewing angles that are quite narrow.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)
The LED is a display with LED lamps placed in rows to construct images. It gives a more realistic color than other types of monitors. It does not have any limitation on the viewing angles. The response rate of the image is also faster than LCD and LED screens. It uses less electricity and produces less heat. The LED can emit a variety of colors depending on the ratio of the semiconductor. Today it can display all range of color. It can also produce particular types of light, such as infrared light used in CCTV cameras. Additionally, it saves energy better than LCD and CRT.

Another essential point is the monitor resolution, which is measured in megapixels. The more megapixels, the higher the resolution. Today, the maximum resolution is 8K. The resolution of the display should be consistent with the size of the screen. For example, a 24-inch screen should come with a Full HD or 1920x1080. A 27-inch screen should come with a WQHD or 2560x1440. If the resolution is lower, the image displayed may not be as sharp. You can use the monitor to play games or work.

Today we have seen a curved screen, which allows 3D viewing angle since the curve affects the depth perception of the user's eyes. It also comes with contrast adjustment to configure the depth of the image. Additionally, it can help reduce the fatigue of the eyes and allow you a wider viewing angle with FoV (Field of View) adjustment making it more realistic.

Whether it is a curved screen or a flat screen, it is best to choose the monitor that fits your lifestyle and usage the best. It will be most beneficial and worthwhile use.