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An action camera

Most people who like to travel or play adventure sports usually have an action camera to capture beautiful pictures that other types of camera cannot achieve and share them on social networks. There are many action cameras available in the market nowadays. The functionalities are different according to the purpose of the user. If anyone wants to buy it, we summarize the guidelines for buying an action camera and special tips for everyone.

1. Camera materials

First of all, the material can be seen from a camera body. You will know what it is produced from as well as its durability. This type of camera has to be ready to go with us in every situation, so it has to be durable. In terms of durability, we can find more information from reviews on YouTube, unbox from websites, drop test show, or test the real model at the store from an official distributor.

2. Camera resolution

  Another important point is the resolution of image and video as nowadays we need at least HD resolution. Hence, we should consider and compare the resolution of each camera model before buying it. Nowadays, the camera resolution is up to 4K. It delivers a clear and high quality image and video. There are many specs from several brands available for you.

3. Is it waterproof?

Another important feature is waterproof as most of the users’ lifestyles involve adventure and outdoor sports activities. There is a various level of waterproof standard that the users have to check. Some model is only rain proofing and cannot be put under the water while some model is 5-10 meters waterproof or 30-40 meters waterproof when adding on accessories. The suggestion is to have at least 5-10 meters waterproof level for your convenience and assurance.

4. Waterproof case

As many camera models don’t have a waterproof feature or support high depth level for diving and underwater activities, a waterproof case is a must. This accessory will enhance your underwater experience so, you don’t have to worry about camera damage. Even though your camera is waterproof, but waterproof case can be a choice for your camera safety as well.

5. Battery capacity

For people who always have a long trip, the battery is an important thing. If the battery capacity is too low, it will strike a sour note and make photo shooting in your trip less enjoyable. The battery should be able to shoot roughly 40 minutes to 1 hour per each battery unit for generous use. Before buying, you should check a battery charging time and whether a backup battery is available in the store. If there is a backup battery available, you should stock up 1-2 extra batteries.

6. Accessories

This is another highlight that many brands will provide as a giveaway for their customers for free such as holding, attaching, and extending features. You can check these giveaway images and detail of the product. Therefore, you will get the most valuable action camera.

            Nowadays, it is very easy to share beautiful pictures of our lifestyles to people around the world on a social network. Especially, for people who love adventure activities and sports with an action camera, you will get a new experience in photography. However, the most important thing is safety. Shooting pictures or videos that take a risk and lead to danger and accidents is not worth it. Hence, we would like to recommend everyone not to be improvident.