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Regarding the stress from hard-working, people search for the ways of relaxing, for instance, traveling including domestic and international travel. Apart from keeping memories in your heart and mind, photographic equipment is necessary for your memorable trip as well. Nowadays, there are various types of photographic equipment available for selection based on functionality and satisfaction. Photographic equipment can be classified into 4 categories.

1. Compact Camera

Compact camera or Digital Camera is a portable device. Therefore, small and tiny photographic equipment that is easily portable would be called Compact. Most of the pictures taken by a compact camera can be processed into a Jumbo size resolution (4 x 6 inches). The main characteristics of a compact camera include being a digital device that easy to snap a photo and having a program to support different types of photography styles so no configuration is needed, for example, portrait photography, landscape photography, and night mode. Taking your memorable picture with a compact camera is handy and simple.

2. Mirrorless camera

The Mirrorless camera combines the advantages of 2 categories, which are a high resolution quality from a DSLR camera and portability from a Compact camera. Although, the size of a Mirrorless camera is small, similar to a Compact camera, it comes with an interchangeable lens which is the same feature as the DSLR camera. The difference between the Mirrorless and DSLR cameras is a reflex camera. The Mirrorless camera does not have a reflex camera thus Mirrorless was named for its feature. Regarding this feature, the design of a camera model can be smaller. Without a reflex camera, previewing images or electronic viewfinder of a Mirrorless camera on a small LCD screen is possible. However, some model does have an optical viewfinder so, only LCD electronic viewfinder is available.

3. DSLR camera

A DSLR camera stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. Originally, a film camera has a large size and support a variety length of lenses. The body of the device is made from steel and has a strap. This type of camera is called SLR (Single Lens Reflex). DSLR camera has an interchangeable lens feature. In order to capture the picture, light travels through the lens. If we do not press a shutter button, light will be blocked by a mirror, then a reflex mirror sends the image to a viewfinder for allowing a user to preview an image and adjust based on a user's need. After pressing a shutter button, a mirror will swing up by a mechanism inside a camera and light will travel to the sensor image at reflex mirror mechanism. This is a definition of Reflex and Single Lens. In term of Lens, they are an essential part of a camera, similar to a sensor. The different lens can give different photography vibes. Some lens can be made from high-tech plastics assemble in a lens barrel. One lens barrel can be a composed of several lenses.

4. DSLR-Like camera

This camera is similar to DSLR camera, but it is not a DSLR camera. The quality is close to or better than a compact camera though less than a DSLR camera. However, a DSLR-Like camera can be adjusted so that the picture quality is close to that taken by  a DSLR camera, although interchangeable lens feature is unavailable. DSLR-Like camera is generally huge and comes in dark color like DSLR camera.