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Smart Phone Accessories

Smartphones are companion devices for all of us today. Thus, we should take good care of the device, so it stays in good condition for longer. This is why we need smartphone accessories to minimize the potential damage to our smartphones. Power Buy would like to recommend these smartphone accessories that are high in quality and can protect your smartphone from damages.

The first smartphone accessory is the anti-shock screen protector. The most irritating problem for smartphone users is the broken smartphone screen after they accidentally dropped or bumped the smartphones or tablets. They need to replace the screen, which can cost up to a few thousand. Therefore, anti-shock screen protector was invented by various manufacturers. The unique feature of this kind of screen protector is the durability. It prevents the screen from physical damage caused by dropping the device or daily usage. It is also much more durable than a typical screen protector. From various experiments so far, this type of screen protector can actually prevent the screen from physical damage. The film itself is made of several layers of different materials with unique features to help prevent from fingerprints, scratches, and damage. The damage prevention layer is made of a mirror that can absorb the impact from falling across the screen.

Currently, many leading brands of screen protectors have launched various types of anti-shock screen protector for the users to choose from. It has developed and improved to suit the needs of the user such as the thinness of the film at the level of 0.xx mm, fingerprint prevention, and water droplets prevention. With all of these features, most users have chosen to install this comprehensive anti-shock screen protector to prevent their smart devices from physical damage. Power Buy has several models of anti-shock screen protectors available at an affordable price.

In addition to smartphone accessories, we also need to take care of our own smartphones as well. For example, we should regularly clean our devices with a soft cloth such as microfiber or chamois cloth using some cleaning solution. If the screen is exposed to corrosive chemicals, use a cloth to remove it immediately, then use a cleaning solution to clean it again. If you put on a phone case, take it out to clean at least once a month. If your phone does not have a case, then you can clean the stain immediately. Do not leave until it dries off as it will be harder to remove and it may corrode the device (clean immediately if no case is used). If you use a mobile phone case, there may be some small dust inside the case, which may scratch the device and cause physical damage. Thus, you should take off the case to clean it at least once a month (clean once a month if you use a mobile phone case).

Another essential point is to keep the battery level around 40% - 80% at all times. Normally, you may charge the battery once a week or daily depending on individual usage. However, try to keep the battery level around 40% to 80% to maintain the battery life.