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When talking about accessories that help expanding memory capacities, there should no one who has never heard of memory cards and card readers. Let's get to know these accessories a little bit more.

Memory cards and card readers are one of memory storage media that users can save data without using batteries, no data loss when switching off, and high speed data transfer. The part used for recording data in the memory card is called solid state chips. It uses electrical processes to record data with built-in read and write reader controls. In addition, memory cards can be divided into several types and models. Each brand will have its own advantages. We can categorize memory cards into 6 types as below:

Compact Flash Card (CF card) It is a card that is tiny and light but also comes with exceptional durability. Its capacities range from 8 MB to 3 GB. The distinctive point of CF card is it has a very high speed of data reading and writing. The CF card has two forms, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 2 will have more capacity and faster processing speed. Most popular devices for CF cards are digital cameras and portable computers. Obviously, Canon has used CF cards in almost all of its digital camera models. 

Multimedia Memory Card (MMC card) This card may be familiar to all of us because it is used in 90 percent of memory compatible mobile phones. The advantage of this cad is it is small and thin, which makes it popular with mobile phones, palm devices, pocket PC, and portable MP3 players. However, the disadvantage of MMC card is that it is expensive and has a little choice of capacity. The highest capacity of the MMC card found in the market is 512 MB.
Secure Digital Card (SD card) It is a continuous development from the MMC card. It can be seen that some devices can be equipped with both MMC and SD cards because the are sharing the same dimension. The difference is that the SD card is a little thicker than MMC card. Apart from the size, what SD card has been developed over the MMC card are about the data reading and writing speed, more variety of capacities to choose from, and having a security lock on the card to prevent it from any overwriting (similar to legacy disks).

Memory Stick (MS) It is a card that was invented by Sony. It is small and thin like a shape of gum. The strength of memory stick is its data transfer speed at a high level of 1.3 MB/sec. This is higher than SD and MMC cards. But the downsizes are it is expensive and limitedly used  for Sony products only.

Reduced Size Multimedia Memory Card (RSMMC) This is a new type of memory card that was manufactured to replace the original  MMC card size. Since today's electronic devices have become smaller, RSMMC is designed to be compatible with these smaller sockets. But in fact, its functionality is not different from the original MMC card at all.

Lastly with microSD and miniSD cards, they are NAND Flash Memory that are used in many electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, or even tablets. The main reason that makes it popular is its relatively cheap price compared to any other memory types. That is why smartphone manufacturers chose to mainly use a microSD card. Currently, microSD card has been improvingly developed, especially in terms of writing speed which are divided into the following classes. Class 2 can transfer the minimum data at a speed of 2 MB/sec. Class 4 can transfer the minimum data at a speed of 4 MB/sec. Class 6 can transfer the minimum data at a speed of 6 MB/sec. And Class 10 can transfer the minimum data at a speed of 10 MB/sec. The number of class on memory cards and card readers is very important since it indicates the minimum data transfer speed of each card which is a critical factor to be considered when buying one.