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Accessories are needed today.

Undeniably, accessories are essential to increase the effectiveness of computer, notebook, camera, and even car as well as providing comfort. Let's take a look at what accessories are needed today. Power Buy Online has collected the information on essential accessories for you as follows.

A printer - A printer is for printing documents, images or anything that can be printed by a computer. There are many types of printers and many models to choose from, such as inkjet printer, laser printer, and photo printer. We can also buy a fully functional printer that can operate as a printer, a scanner, and a copier.

A case -  it is a box or frame for storing several computer components inside. The size of the case will be different as it depends on personal usage or suitability as well as space for storing components. There is also a power supply inside a case.

Mouse - It is an important accessory for a computer for years. Nowadays, it comes to the notebook era and offsite work becomes common. People tend to use a touchpad more since people don't want to carry the mouse around. However, there is a substitute device, which is a wireless mouse. It is becoming more and more popular now.

Cooler Pad - This accessory is considered necessary in Thailand since the country has hot weather. If you do not use the laptop in an air-conditioned room, you should buy a cooler pad. It helps the computer and notebook to release heat faster and avoid overheat. Though, there is some caution. This accessory should not be used in areas with dust because the cooler pad will absorb all dust into the machine. It can cause problems later.

Speaker/Headphone - A speaker and headphone are "output" devices. It means that they are devices that send data from a computer to a user. The devices allow us to hear sounds and music. There are many types of speaker and headphone and some can connect to the computer via USB or audio port. In some monitors, there is an attached speaker.

Car camera - Everybody knows how useful the car camera is because a video from the camera is proof of the truth. Moreover, it can be used as evidence in the hit-and-run accident. In addition, installing a car camera can reduce the insurance cost by 5-10%, which is considered a large amount of money. The important thing is to choose a car camera with high resolution that can record a license plate clearly both day and night. A camera should have a high capacity memory so, it can record longer. The body should be durable and able to recall images and videos whenever needed.

Car parking sensor - Car parking sensor is the device that the salesmen usually offer for free when buying a car. However, most of them are cheap, which may not be accurate and making random noises. Let's change to a standard brand that has a little higher price. It will help increase efficiency.

USB Port (Universal Serial Bus) - A port for connecting with devices that have USB ports is called USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Data transmission will be faster. Before purchasing a connector, you should ensure that the connector is able to connect with a previous USB port,  2.0,  and 3.0 to ensure that it is working without any problems.