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The Air Conditioner and the Air Purifier

Thailand is located in a tropical area, so we need to have some electrical appliances to reduce heat exposure and enhance a relaxing atmosphere as much as possible. The first priorities must include the air conditioner and the air purifier. There are many different brands and models. The air conditioner is for cooling and should be equipped with the air purifier to refresh the air. Among various models, we should determine the most appropriate choice and features for our usage.

The size of the room: the relation of an area to the actual usage.

The size of the room affects the choice of the air conditioner and the air purifier. The bigger the room is, the larger model you need to achieve the highest performance. This is because the room size has a great effect on the cooling and purifying. If you equip a small model in a large room, the room will not be cooled or clean thoroughly. It also makes the machine work harder which wastes more energy. Thus, do not forget to measure the size of the room (width x length) to consider the BTU value of the air conditioner and the air changes per hour (ACPH or ACH) for the air purifier before you buy them. The BTU value is the cooling capability size of the air conditioner, which is the abbreviation for the British Thermal Unit. It indicates that 1 ton of the cooling capacity is equal to the 12,000 BTU per hour. For example, 9,000 BTU is appropriate for a 12 to 15 square meters room and for a 10 to 14 square meters if the room is exposed to sunlight. Another name of air changes per hour is CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) that the air purifying system is capable of cleaning in the limited time. Mostly, they are identified by three sets of numbers, which are dust, pollen, and smoke cleaning rate. All of the numbers are tested by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) from the US. The higher the CADR value, the more effective the air purifier can filter the air.

Energy saving label No. 5: energy saving for sustainable value.

Whether in the air conditioner or the air purifier, it is recommended that you should select the products that have energy saving label No. 5. It indicates that the appliance has efficiency energy usage. This label has to be given from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), which could be trusted that it will save energy and also your money.

The types of air conditioner that match your room.

There are commonly three types of air conditioner. Firstly, the wall-mounted type is suitable for a room with the window frame, illuminated door, louver, or shutter. Secondly, the ceiling-mounted type is suitable for a room that is small or compact as it could be installed beautifully. However, it is more expensive than other types. When comparing other types of the air conditioners at the same size (BTU/hour), the ceiling-mounted type is more effective and there is an electronic switch, which can automatically control temperature. Lastly, the floor-mounted type is suitable for rooms with glass walls all around or the solid walls that cannot be drilled for installation of the air conditioner. Comparing all types of air conditioners at the same size, this type is less efficient but suitable for large open space.

Other special features and values: the important affecting factors for overall usage.

Other factors are the matter of understanding and the convenience of the user to the product. There are some other points that should be considered. For example, the air conditioner should have an inverter system that can adjust the cooling evenly to keep the temperature constant and also prevent an electric power failure. For the air purifiers, you should consider the silence of the machine during your sleeping time and the auto-mode that can automatically adjust the level of purifying on its own. Thus, your usage will determine the suitable models that you can find at Power Buy, which gathers various choices of the air conditioners and the air purifiers for you in one place., which gathers various choices of the air conditioners and the air purifiers for you in one place.